The Glass Danseuse

To every so-called incel
So you were rejected by a cold-blooded darling
who showed you no respect at all, a glass danseuse 
spinning a lie in a beautiful pirouette 
yet upon all the troubles of the world afloat.

No wonder you couldn’t swallow her without chewing!
But of course she’s now shredding your gullet!

But good women out there are listening. 

So do you shove a few fingers down your throat 
and bring up a bloody muck of desire and regret 
to be swallowed with additional slurs? 
Do you lower yourself in an orgy of snarling?
Or do you, like a furnace built only for renewing 
a warm spiritual path to a woman unique and dear, 
to wine glasses glistening 
in the candlelight of a chandelier,
swallow your danseuse and digest her like cullet?

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